Custom Liquid Pumps and Custom Air Pumps

Compact and Miniature-Sized

custom liquid pumps

Our Low-Flow, Low-Volume Pumps Are Dependable, Reliable, and Value Priced


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custom liquid pumps

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custom liquid pumps

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custom liquid pumps
Series 8000 - Air Pumps
  • Single diaphragm, positive displacement
  • Permanent magnet DC motor
  • Energy-efficient, durable, dependable
  • 20 PSI maximum output pressure
  • 8.5 CFH maximum flow
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custom liquid pumps
Series AP Micro Pressure Pumps
  • Creates pressure for air flow
  • Rotary diaphragm
  • Micro size is perfect for battery powered applications
  • 6.76 - 11 PSI maximum output pressure
  • 0.42 - 3.8 SCFH maximum flow
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custom liquid pumps
Series 3000 - Liquid Pumps
  • Self-priming, single-diaphragm, positive displacement, runs wet or dry
  • Choice of 1/8" or 1/4" FNPT ports
  • Energy-efficient, durable, dependable
  • Transfers fluids approaching the viscosity of 90 wt gear oil
  • 19 - 40 PSI @ 12 VDC maximum output pressure
  • 9.1 - 16.6 GPH @ 12 VDC maximum flow
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About Our Custom Liquid and Air Pumps

Custom liquid pumps and custom air pumps have special designs to meet specific demands that an off-the-shelf pump might not be able to meet. They can be tailored to meet the needs of a unique application, including the type of liquid being pumped, the required flow rate, temperature, and other operational conditions.

For many industries, precise and reliable handling is at the top of the priority list, and you’ll receive just that when you partner with Smart Products USA for liquid and air pumps.

Choose Smart Products for Your Components

At Smart Products USA, we are plastic injection molding experts with the best precision assembly processes and quality assurance in the market, and we are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. From custom liquid and air pumps to valves and beyond, we have what you need to succeed in your market.

Some of the key reasons to acquire low-volume, low-flow water pumps and other products from Smart Products include:

Additionally, Smart Products USA manufactures all of our pumps entirely in the United States with minimal automation, which contributes to exceptional quality assurance. We also ship both nationally and internationally, making our parts fully accessible to those who need them.

Our Products Are Finished with the Best Qualities

Our custom liquid and air pumps are built with key qualities in mind:

Additionally, they are able to produce a wide range of output pressures and flow rates, which means they are ready to perform in almost any application.

Featured Turnkey Products

If you’re searching for a turnkey, low-volume liquid pump or air pump, we have you covered, being able to supply the following products:

Contact the Smart Products USA Team for Custom Water Pumps and Beyond

Contact us today for more information on our custom water pumps, valves, and more. Our team is standing by to assist you.


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