What is the typical tolerance for your check valves?
The opening pressure tolerance for our check valves with Polypropylene and Buna-N is +/-20%. Tolerance will vary depending upon material uses.

What is the maximum pressure in the flow or check direction?
Many factors contribute to the valve's ability to handle pressure in the flow/check direction. Some examples of these factors are the durometer of the o-ring on the poppet and the flow rate of the fluid. We recommend that you sample the valve that you are interested in and test it in your application. Please contact a Product & Application Specialist for approximate fail range data.

What are the test parameters for your flow data?
All of the data provided were conducted with a 0.5 PSI spring and water.

What is your order lead time?
Our standard order lead time is two weeks. Samples are available to ship sooner, often within 24 hours.

Do you have material compatibility charts?
Due to the numerous chemicals that are in the market, we are not able to list a chemical compatibility chart that would encompass all of the available chemicals. Chemical Resistance Guide for Elastomers II and Chemical Resistance Guide for Plastics are the reference books we use internally. These guides are published by Compass Publications, La Jolla, California. Please feel free to contact us if you have any chemical compatibility questions.

If I had a need for a custom valve, would you be able to design one?
No, but we may be able to help you identify one or more of our existing valve configurations that would fit your application. Please contact a Product & Application Specialist to learn more.

My application requires an opening pressure that is not listed on your charts, would it be possible to get a custom spring?
Yes, it is possible for us to help identify a spring for special applications.

What type of fluid & gasses are suitable for use with your check valves?
Our check valves can handle a wide range of contact medium. Several factors will influence performance, such as, viscosity and temperature of the medium.

Will suspended medium in my fluid compromise the check valves sealing ability?
Yes, if particulate interferes with the sealing.

Is there any particular position that the pumps should be mounted?
Our pumps may be mounted in any direction or position; we recommend the use of grommets to reduce vibration.

Do the check valves open and close with the same pressure?
No. Due to hysteresis, our valves do not open and close with the same pressures. (Hysteresis is a lagging of the effect.)

If my application changes or I no longer have a need for a certain product, what is the return policy?
Products are custom assembled and therefore are not returnable except for non-conformance. Non-conforming product returns will not be accepted without an RMA# (Returned Material Authorization number) prior to Seller receiving any returned goods.


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