Pressure Relief Valves for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

pressure relief valves for lithium ion batteries

Building advanced lithium ion batteries for the automotive, marine, RV, and more industries, Lithionics Battery uses Smart Products' Series 300s as pressure relief valves for high-safety installations. When batteries are installed in close proximity to personnel, valves and conduits are added to them.

The GT12V600A-8D-CTRL400 Deep Cycle & Engine Start Lithium Battery (pictured in brown) is around 150lbs and offers 600 lithium amp hours. To protect against a thermal runaway, this product uses a Series 300 valve in Nylon to shuttle any potential lithium vapors through a Silicone tube away from the battery installation area.

nylon relief valve in application

The same valve is also used, but in a different capacity, in Lithionics Battery's GT32V225-A-8DR-Module Deep Cycle Lithium Battery (pictured in blue). In this product, the valve is used in an aluminum-sealed case to pressure-balance the internal container pressures through charge and discharge cycles. This battery is also around 150lbs, but with 225 lithium amp hours. For more specs on both batteries, contact Lithium Battery at

Lithionics Battery customized their own unique pressure relief valve by plastic body material, o-rings, and opening PSI. Nylon (pictured) was a great option for them as it typically works best for air/gas applications that require a slightly higher heat resistance.

nylon check valves