Model #15B for Lithium Battery System

Model #15b inserted into battery system

When RV and yacht owners need dependable lithium-ion iron phosphate battery systems, they can turn to Lithionics Battery® for their energy storage solutions. One of their best sellers, the 12V 315AH E2107 GTX Battery is designed with Bluetooth® wireless monitoring, an internal heater kit, and aluminum alloy enclosure. It also features Lithionics Battery’s NeverDie® Battery Management System, which includes protective safety features, as well as status and state-of-charge monitoring.

These batteries are vacuum sealed and do not outgas. Due to their ability to charge and discharge at high rates, this battery application uses Smart Products’ Model #15B as a vent to pressure-balance the system. Located within the sealed outer case (pictured above), the #15B was an ideal option due to its discreet flush mount style, which makes it less prone to damage during installation. For full battery product specs or to learn more about Lithionics Battery®, click here.

Zoom view of installed #15b

About Model #15B: Flanged Outlet
Primarily used for pressure relief, Model #15B is easily inserted into devices requiring a 5/8” size to include battery packs, tanks, and more. Featuring a flanged outlet, the #15B is available in 3+ plastics (pictured in purple polypropylene), 7+ o-rings, and opening pressure ranges from 0.11 - 8 PSI.