Model #132 Plays Key Role in K-PAX Racing's Brake System

Superior brake performance is a must in auto racing – at best it is the difference between winning and losing – and at worst it could mean life or death. To ensure excellence in these high-powered vehicles, Vapor Trail Racing has once again teamed up with Smart Products to create a reliable and efficient brake system for Volvo.

side seal valves for brake system

Joe Cohen of Vapor Trail Racing used our Model #304/304 and Model #118 to provide accurate fuel pressure in hydroplane racing.

Most recently faced with a braking performance issue with Volvo’s K-PAX Racing Team, Cohen returned to Smart Products for a precise low pressure, low flow valve to enhance his solution. The overall problem with Volvo’s power brakes was inconsistency of vacuum levels within the vacuum boost system.

“We have addressed the inconsistency of the vacuum level by adding a canister which increases the volume of the power boost system, and then adding a Smart Products valve to bleed atmosphere into the canister if the vacuum level is too high, as happens often during deceleration with the engine throttle off,” says Cohen of Vapor Trail Racing.

side seal valvesOf all three million plus possible valve configurations available at Smart Products, the Model #132 is the best choice for this particular application – customized by body material, o-ring, and opening spring pressure – to make sure it is the perfect fit.

The K-PAX Racing Team is a part of the World Challenge series, and this team won the Pirelli World Challenge team championship, as well as the manufacturer’s championship for Volvo last year. Vapor Trail Racing works within the automotive and marine industries to provide solutions in temperature, flow, and pressure control and is a supplier to this racing team.