Series 100 Standard / Series 100 Specialty / Series 200 NPT / Series 300 Modular / Series 500 Miniature / JACO Smart Fittings / Other

Series 100 Standard


Model #120 in AEM's Water/Methanol Injection Kits for Racers

Perfect Pours with Smart Products' Model #130 in SDS Dispense Systems

The Earigator: Cerumen Management System with Model #130

Series 100 Specialty


Model #152 in Syncardia's Total Artificial Heart

Model #132 in K-Pax Racing's Brake System

Model #103 on the Growltap: Keeping Beer in Growlers Fresh Longer

Model #118 for Air Armor Tech's Mounted Scope Inflatable Protective Device

Model #122 Pressure Relief Valve in ASSKEA Aspirators

Model #132 Pressure Relief Valve in iDive iPad Housing

Side Seal Valves in Trido Industries' Solar Powered Instrument Air Compressor

Series 200 NPT

Series 200 in Olfactometer Study

Series 200 in the Juggler: an Automated Milk Dispensing System for Coffee Shops

Series 300 Modular

Model #306/315 in Evacupod: Emergency Evacuation Device

Series 300 in Koi Fish Ponds

Series 300 in GEA Farm Technologies' Apollo Milk System

Model #304/304 in Musical Bubble Tube: Sensory Equipment Used in Therapy

Series 300 in Roadmaster's Supplemental Braking System for Motorhome Owners

Series 300 Modular Check Valves for Porsche 911s with Power Brake Systems

Emissions Testing Equipment Uses Series 300 Modular Check Valves

CuroCell UNO to Prevent & Treat Pressure Ulcers with Series 300 Modular Valves

Ozone Joe's: Keeping Pool & Spas Clean with Our Own Model #304/304

Pressure Relief Valves for Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

Model #303/303 Check Valves in Premier Diagnostics' Elite Micro Gas Analyser

Series 500 Miniature

Model #541/542 in Kegel's FLEX Lane Machines

Helena Laboratories Uses Model #502/502 in Electrophoresis Analysis Equipment

JACO Smart Fittings

JACO Smart Fittings in Trailrunners K9 Training Center's Cancer Detection Research


Custom Model #141 in SealGuard II: Chemical Grout for Water Sealing Solutions

Model #118 and #304/304 Check Valves in Hydroplane Racing

Liquid Pump & Model #214 in Empowermate's Automated Showering System

Portability, Precise Flow Control with Micro Air Pumps and Series 300 Check Valves

NPT Check Valves for McClain Ozone's Sanitation Systems


Series 100 Cartridge

Series 100 Specialty
Series 200 NPT
Series 300 Modular
Series 500 Miniature


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