Custom-Made JACO Smart Fittings for UltraPure's Ozone Generators

For ultra-smooth flow control in their swimming pool ozone generators, UltraPure Water Quality, Inc. relies on a custom-made version of our JACO Smart Fittings.

Over the years, ozone has become increasingly popular in the Pool & Spa Industry. UltraPure Water Quality, Inc. has been improving the pool and spa experience since 1982. Their current ozone generators rid pool water of any non-living contaminants, such as lotions, oils, make-up, and ammonia compounds. Ozone usage allows a more harmonious balance of pH levels in swimming pools, which reduces the need for any extra chlorine (by up to 70 percent). Additionally, the need for specialty and harsh chemicals as cleaning agents is virtually eliminated. Once this application is installed, ozone is produced on-site. As the pump runs, the pool water is automatically cleaned and purified (source:

To ensure precise flow control of the ozone/air mixture for the generator’s circulation pump, a customized JACO Smart Fitting is inserted at the injection point (example: pictured right). During pump operation, the internal check valve allows ozone to be drawn into the pump. When the pump shuts off or switches to a lower RPM, the valve closes and allows the pump to maintain prime.

JACO Smart Fitting to ensure precuse flow control of ozone / air mixture

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Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, UltraPure produces high quality swimming pool and spa water applications for worldwide distribution. They focus on high standards from the initial design and testing phase all the way to training, support, and education of their installation-ready products. For more information about UltraPure’s ozone generators, visit