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Series 300 Modular Valves: Filtering & Push Button End Fitting Options

For unique solutions in flow control, we offer specialty style options within our popular Series 300 Check / Pressure Relief Valves. For applications dealing with large debris or requiring manual pressure relief control, we have the following end fitting solutions.


Model #315: Foot Filtering Valve

If large debris is a threat to your application, our Model #315 (pictured in PVDF) may solve this problem. The filtering or foot part of this valve can be dipped into a tank or any type of atmosphere to prevent larger particles such as leaves, rocks, sticks, etc. from interfering with a line.  


Model #330: Manual Relief Valve

Allowing users ultimate control, Model #330 (pictured in Polypropylene) manages pressure relief at the touch of a button. The push button design comes into direct contact with the poppet, which allows no flow to pass through the valve until it is manually pressed. This design is different from our other check and pressure relief valves, which react to a set opening pressure. Model #330 is a 5/8 - 18 UNF (Unified National Fine) thread designed to vent pressure or be used as a vacuum. 

As an end fitting, both Model #s can be paired with any other Series 300 configuration to include a variety of barbed and NPT sizes. After selecting end fittings, your unique Series 300 valve is further customized by plastic body material, o-ring material, or opening pressure. For full specs on each model, click here.

For questions or to order, contact a Product & Application Specialist at 1-800-338-0404 or

Check Valves in Ultem®

At Smart Products, our valves are fully customizable in 9+ plastic body materials, including Ultem®. When working with high-heat or ozone, Ultem® can be a popular plastic body material choice.
Characteristics of Ultem® include:
  • Semi-transparent
  • High Temperature resistance ranging from 200°F to 450°F
  • Good flame resistance
  • Able to withstand gamma radiation, ETO radiation, autoclaving, and steam sterilization, as well as ozone
  • Compatible with a variety of chemicals including oils, greases, lipids, detergents, disinfectants, lactic acid, Freon, acetone, certain sodiums, and most caustic fluids
We offer this plastic in a wide variety of valve sizes and styles to include: For questions about check valves in Ultem®, contact a Product & Application Specialist at (800) 338-0404 or

To view a PDF of our entire product catalog, click here.