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May 24 & 25
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How does a check valve work?

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Check Valves in Specialty Plastics

Looking for a one-way check valve to meet a unique design criteria? Smart Products' check valves feature customizable components that work well with a wide variety of liquids/gasses. For body materials, Polypropylene is our go-to plastic, but if you’re working with…
  • Ozone, we offer PVDF (Kynar)
  • Alcohols and diluted acids, we offer Polycarbonate
  • Mineral oils, we offer Acrylic
  • High heat, flame or solvent resistance, we offer Ultem®
  • High heat & ultra-high toughness, we offer Radel®
  • Really cold environments, we offer ABS
  • High resistance in a tough environment, we offer Acetal (Delrin®)
  • Air/gasses at slightly high heat, we offer Nylon
After the plastic body material is selected, we look at compatible o-ring options. No matter what liquids/ gasses you're working with, our website has guides for the 9+ plastics and 7+ o-rings we offer. In addition, we can often source additional material options. A Product & Application Specialist can also help you create an optimal check/pressure relief valve based on your needs for these component materials, as well as size, style, and pressure requirements.

As always, it is important to communicate any liquids/gasses used, application environment, and intended shelf life. The more we know about your low pressure, low flow needs, the better equipped we will be in selecting the right components to create a precise and accurate product exclusively for your application.

For questions or assistance with your own unique low pressure, low flow project, contact us at (800) 338-0404 or



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