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How does a check valve work?

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Working with a tough application environment? We have a hot melt option for our Series 300 Check Valves
For tough applications working with torque, vibration, high heat, etc., we offer a hot melt option for our popular Series 300 Modular Check Valves.


What is a hot melt and why is it available for this series?

hot_melt1As shown above, Series 300 valves are designed to be modular with mix and match end fitting options. Once fully assembled, it looks like you can easily twist them off and back together again, but they are not designed to come apart. All of our Series 300 valves include a positive latch system, which resists un-twisting. However, in certain high-stress application environments or if tampering is a concern, an additional preventive measure may be necessary. Our solution is a hot melt option. This technique involves using special tooling during assembly to bond the end fittings together (pictured). The hot melt fills the cavities of an assembled Series 300 valve to ensure it is tamper-resistant and able to withstand tough environments.

For questions or more information about the hot melt option, talk to a Product & Application Specialist at 1-800-338-0404 or sales@smartproducts.com.



JACO Smart Fittings

For precise flow control within a fitting, we offer JACO Smart Fittings. Our own Model #132 (illustrated in green below) is inserted within 12 JACO fitting options.
The Model #132 valve is easily inserted to face either direction with the poppet (direction of flow) facing towards the inside or outside of the fitting. Tubing, NPT, etc. can be used on t
jaco_smart_fittingshe ends of the JACO fittings according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Please note: To achieve proper function of any valve and fitting pairings, compression nuts should be used in all applications. 

Click here to view our line of JACO Smart Fittings available in union, elbow, or tee styles.

To view a PDF of our entire product catalog, click here.