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How does a check valve work?

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One-way flow control with the Micro Barbed Model #101 Check / Pressure Relief Valve

For applications concerned with compact size restrictions, Smart Products offers the Model #101 as a precise flow control solution. Here are the full specifications:

0.375" in length and designed to be easily inserted into 1/8” Inner Diameter (ID) soft tubing

Barbed to eliminate leaks because the barbs grip inside soft tubing versus an external placement 

We manufacture the #101 in: Polypropylene, PVDF, Polycarbonate, Ultem®, and Radel®

The #101 features a unique cone design for superior sealing
The cone seal is available in Buna-N and Silicone

This valve can withstand opening pressures ranging from 0.58 to 20 PSI

With its micro size and customizable components, the Model #101 can be used in any industry with applications ranging from heating systems for oil rigs, flight simulation equipment, ozone generators, dialysis machines, medical test equipment, ventricular assist devices, and much more.

For questions or assistance with your own unique low pressure, low flow project, contact us at (800) 338-0404 or

To view a PDF of our entire product catalog, click here.

Check Valves in Ultem®

At Smart Products, our valves are fully customizable in 9+ plastic body materials, including Ultem®. When working with high-heat or ozone, Ultem® can be a popular plastic body material choice.
Characteristics of Ultem® include:
  • Semi-transparent
  • High Temperature resistance ranging from 200°F to 450°F
  • Good flame resistance
  • Able to withstand gamma radiation, ETO radiation, autoclaving, and steam sterilization, as well as ozone
  • Compatible with a variety of chemicals including oils, greases, lipids, detergents, disinfectants, lactic acid, Freon, acetone, certain sodiums, and most caustic fluids
We offer this plastic in a wide variety of valve sizes and styles to include: For questions about check valves in Ultem®, contact a Product & Application Specialist at (800) 338-0404 or

To view a PDF of our entire product catalog, click here.