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Industrial cleaning & our products
Whether your application deals with cleaning floors, pressure washing, or sanitizing, we offer check/pressure relief valves that control flow AND withstand harsh chemicals. We work as partners to solve design problems and are able to customize our products to meet system requirements. This SmartTalk highlights some tried and true plastic material and o-ring options that work well within this particular marketplace.

500s_pp_pvdfOur go-to plastic, Polypropylene, works very well in many industrial cleaning applications. Polypropylene has a wide spectrum of chemical resistivity, and it is especially good with acids. This plastic also holds up well against ware. We offer Polypropylene in a natural or a variety of different colors for applications that require color coding.

Another plastic we get a lot of requests for within this industry is PVDF/Kynar because it works well with ozone, which is known to be a natural, yet very powerful sanitizer.

For o-rings, we recommend EPDM or Viton®. Both options work well with ozone. EPDM also does really well with hot water, steam, alcohols, as well as certain acids and bases. Viton® is recommended for most acids and chemicals.

As always, it is important to discuss all liquids / gasses coming into contact with our valves, as well as application environment and intended shelf-life with us. Our Product & Application Specialists have worked with the most straightforward chemical dispensing devices to complex applications dealing with water / cleaner mixtures where our valves control mixing only under certain pressure conditions. For a full list of typical applications in the industrial marketplace, click here.

For questions or assistance with your own unique low pressure, low flow project, contact us at (800) 338-0404 or sales@smartproducts.com.



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